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21 March 2010 @ 11:09 pm
Whew. It's been a while.

In a nutshell, Willow is doing great! She has completed all of her vaccinations, and is growing like a weed. She seems to have plateaued a bit in the recent weeks, but she is just turning five months, so I'm sure there's a bit more growing to be done.  I do think she will be quite small as far as whippets go... I'm not sure if she would even be big enough to enter the show ring... even if I wanted to try.  

I am SO glad the baby puppy phase is over.  She is pretty much housebroken too.  Now the only reason why she would go in the house would be because no one was paying attention. Luckily that hasn't happened!

The main reason why I thought about this journal today is because we participated in our first all-whippet event this morning.  I got the info about it from my breeder, but apparently the event was hosted by a local whippet club.  They asked if I wanted to join right then, but I didn't have enough money for dues, so I passed.  I will be doing more research on it when I get a chance though.

In any case, in one fenced field there was agility equipment for anyone interested, and in the larger fenced area next to it was an open area that was the lure coursing area. However, when we got there it was just an empty field for the dogs to run amok within it.  Willow didn't really take to any of the dogs during the free run.  Mainly the reasons were because 1.) I think she knew she was a lot smaller than them and was fearful about being trampled and 2.) There was this one young pup (about four months, I think) that just kept barking and barking and snapping at her.  I know he wanted to play, but he was just too in her face for her.  She did not take kindly to it, but she held her own against him in terms of telling him to back off.  Persistent little bugger.

After the free run, they set up the lure coursing equipment.  During the wait, we sat next to another young couple with a different four month old boy whippet. He was such a darling! Willow didn't mind him at all, and he seemed to take a liking to her.  It's odd because he looks JUST like one of the girls from Willow's litter. In fact, when I saw him I thought he was the girl, so I had to ask where they got him.  Turns out he was from South Carolina, so that rules that idea out!  Since it took a while for the lure stuff to be set up, we took them to the agility field to romp around. 

Anyway, skipping ahead to Willow's turn at the lure coursing--She. Did. AMAZING. She was so awesome! I am so proud! At first, they didn't think she was going to do anything, so they just teased her once by just "bumping" the bunny.  But when she jumped on it fast the guy was like, "Hmm.. okay then." He turned it up to full speed and she just WENT! WHOOSH! I have never seen her chase anything with that sort of vigor.  It was amazing.  Since she was one of the puppies, she only got to do a shorter straight line, but she did wonderfully.  I think she found her niche in the whippet world.  She was also noticeably faster than all the other puppies, but she has extremely defined muscles in her back legs.  I was trying not to be biased, but she really was like a bullet in comparison. I wonder if she has that weird half of the "bully whippet" gene.... I don't know.  It was soooo sweet to watch!  I wish I had recorded it, but everything went by so fast (literally and figuratively) I didn't even have time to grab my camera.

So yes, I think that's a negative on confirmation, but lure coursing is definitely in Willow's future. I am looking forward to getting into this!
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22 January 2010 @ 03:53 pm
So I finally got a chance to upload the few pictures I've been able to take.  The more recent ones are last.  Enjoy~~

No camera could ever capture the ornery puppy I know...Collapse )
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05 January 2010 @ 02:33 pm
Willow is settling in pretty nicely.  She doesn't cry much at night anymore, and when she does it's just whimpering.  Still kinda hard to hear though! We sorta have a routine going, so I suppose that's a good thing!  She likes to play with toys... A LOT! They are all strewn about the house as we move from room to room.

She doesn't really have any interest in food. I am SO not used to that! My sister's min pin will gobble up everything in sight, so it's weird that I have to almost force Willow to eat her meals.

I've been wanting to start training her, but yesterday she was soooo sleepy. She slept alllll dayyyy. Today is a bit better, but she has no interest in any treats I offer her.  I used to give her tiny bits of hot dog when we went outside for potty, but she's so not enthused about them anymore, so I just say "Good girl!!" and pet her instead of worrying about treats.

She is SO smart. It's crazy. She is already showing signs of knowing to go outside to potty. She is not -nearly- housetrained, but I know the thoughts are connecting in her head.  I just have to keep giving her chances to do right and she'll get it! Yay!

As for crate training, she goes in there by herself when she is tired... but I don't think we could actually keep her in the crate during the day without crying.  Even though I have read all about this, I am still unsure how to go about it during the day.  I am actually unsure about this whole process now! If she has no interest in treats, then how can I reward her? I will be using the clicker, but that's not a reward.  I know I can use toys as rewards, but how is that possible? She just prances away with them happily...

My brain is just a bit overloaded. 
What should my priorities be? 
What should I be doing right now?

She's an adorable little oven though. So warm! She heats up my whole lap within seconds.  She likes to show you her belly when she wakes up too.  I like her most when she is with me in my room, as she tends to get a little too rambunctious (read: does not listen) out in the rest of the house with the other dog.  But puppies will be puppies!  I hope she doesn't see me as the eternal "bad guy" who tells her "ehhh~" and makes her go outside in the cold...

Pictures are coming soon, I promise!
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02 January 2010 @ 09:48 am
Actually, I picked her up yesterday at about 2:15 pm. -squee-

Yes, my puppy is here, and, boy, has it been a crash course so far! It always happens that when I am feeling confident about how everything will go down as soon as it actually happens I know nothing! I don't even know if that sentence makes any sense because I hardly slept last night.  She cried every two hours it seems.  I didn't really mind since I couldn't sleep anyway. I have this stupid head cold, so I couldn't breathe.

Anyway, she got carsick on the way home, which I know is pretty normal for such a young puppy.  Then after we got everyone inside, things started to go pretty smoothly. My sister's min pin didn't make a big deal out of anything and hasn't really taken much interest in her.  My cat, on the other hand, LOATHES this poor pup.  He's hissed at her more than he has at me in his whole life! I've tried giving him attention, but I think he despises me right now. :'C He'll warm up to her... (I hope).  As long as he can run away, I think he'll be okay... but he wouldn't even eat his food in the same room as her (with her in her crate).

The only real problem I had was crating her for the night. She is very comfortable going in and out, and she's even fine with the gate being shut. In fact, she dragged three of her toys in there with her on her own! I'm glad that she took to it so quickly. I've been picking her up and putting her in there for her naps.  It's just when I lock her in there that she has a fit.  I can understand why--I would cry too! I wait until she pauses crying before I let her out.  It was her first night away from her mom and family, so I completely empathize with the poor dear, but how long does this intense crying last? It broke my heart to ignore her all night, but my family was also getting frustrated at her crying every two hours.  I told them it's normal. (They seem to forget that my sister's dog cried too, and she wasn't even crated!)  I'm just afraid that they will make me move her downstairs or something...

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25 December 2009 @ 11:20 pm
Hallo hallo~ Merry Christmas, everyone! Hope you all have a splendid day, whether you celebrate or not. To be honest, I completely forgot about about Christmas since the day I go to pick up my puppy is getting closer and closer to the point where I can hardly stand it.

Less than 8 days from now, my whippet puppy will be with me! Yeee! I can't believe it. It's a good thing I work most days this coming week or else I would be losing my mind every minute.

Anywho, in her immense kindness, the breeder took the time to take holiday pictures for us! Yaaay!

Christmas picture! EeeeCollapse )
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